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KMC Commander is the IOT Solution You've been Looking For

GARDINER is proud to bring KMC Commander to Northern Ohio. Commander is the most advanced Internet of Things (IoT) platform for enterprise-level building automation and control. Commander offers cutting-edge integration, analytics, and visualization technology in real-time delivered on your mobile device.

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Advanced Technology

KMC collaborates with Dell and Intel

KMC has worked closely with the Dell and Intel to produce an IoT solution that is as versatile as the companies that will use it.

Connect anything...

what commander works with:

  • Energy

    See and track real-time metering on energy usage to better understand consumption patterns of electricity, gas, and water use.

  • Battery

    Monitor and report on battery backup units. You can also setup alarms to notify you when a system is down or not charging properly.

  • Pressure

    See real time pressure or volume status on an asset or material good to help ensure efficiency and optimal operation.

  • Equipment

    View and trend the settings or status of a particular piece of equipment, whether a sump pump, refrigerator unit or lighting panel.

  • Tanks

    Pull data on tank levels and get notifications when they reach a certain point. You can also set a vendor up for notifications to fill or empty.

  • Controls

    Watch and control building automation and control systems, from HVAC and lighting to security and access.

open, scalable & secure

how it works

Devices carry data. When you connect the Commander BX appliance to a network of devices, it begins automatically normalizing and aggregating that data. That data is then sent to the cloud where it can be easily viewed on any device, including your smartphone. You can track it, trend it, and trigger actions with it. It’s that simple.

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