A Smarter Approach to Water Management

Some companies sell chemicals - we deliver results.

Our focus for decades has been on a total systems approach.  As anyone will tell you when it comes to energy efficient and reliable HVAC waterside systems, an effective Water Treatment program is a big part of that.  For over 20 years, Gardiner has had a Water Treatment practice that integrates with our mechanical services team.  Our ISO certified water treatment service and simple, results-based plans take the stress and hassle out of managing a separate chemical vendor and expense.  An easy way to think of it is: no more finger pointing.  Just a building that works and an effective, environmentally-conscious water treatment program.

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Annual Energy Costs – 300-ton Chiller



Annual Energy Costs – 500-ton Chiller



Annual Energy Costs – 1,200-ton Chiller

Simple Math

Clean Tubes = Less Energy Consumed.

Chillers are typically the single largest consumer of electricity in a commercial building.  The biggest factor in maintaining a high-efficiency heat transfer is keeping the condenser tubes clean.  Without an effectively-managed water treatment program, fouled tubes can rack up additional utility charges.  A Client with a $0.10 KWh rate and a fouling factor of 0.005 would face substantial costs, depending on chiller size.

Services We Provide.

Most Water Treatment companies manufacture and sell chemicals.  We work with our Clients to develop a custom, fixed rate program using the most advanced scale inhibitors and biocides.  Our state of the art chemical feed equipment and expert staff ensures that we execute the plan and deliver the results you expect.  Our programs include:

Cooling Tower Water Treatment Programs

Boiler Water Treatment Programs

Closed Loop Treatment Programs

FDA-Cleared Point of Delivery Filtration

  • “You continually bring new ideas on how to save money on utilities and the latest technology. Your people have great ideas and I love that you bring that to the table.”

    - Director of Facilities, Municipality

  • “When Gardiner came to us with a solution, you were the only ones that said we didn’t have to replace all of our existing HVAC systems & controls.”

    - Treasurer, Local School District

  • “Your technicians take ownership of our building systems.”

    - Facilities Manager, Municipality

  • “I never worry when we call Gardiner to fix something. I know it will be fixed right.”

    - Facilities Manager, Municipality

  • “You come to us with solutions…and how to pay for it.”

    - Director of Facilities, Multi-Facility Building Owner

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