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Industrial facilities face a number of unique challenges, from mixed use spaces to catastrophic downtime risk.  And all of that’s on top of your other business challenges like labor costs, competitive price demands and raw material costs.  It’s more important than ever to find creative ways to reduce operating costs to remain competitive.  We have decades of experience with critical HVAC systems for industrial facilities.  Find out how we can help.

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Comfort Challenges:

Provide Critical Control.

Mission critical environments like manufacturing areas or data centers require a different level of precision.  Temperature, humidity, and air particulates are all factors that can be monitored and controlled.  Our experience with integrated systems ensures the comfort and precision any mission-critical application requires.

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Reliability Challenges:

Avoid Costly Downtime.

How much would downtime cost you?  A recent study found that Data Centers average $690,204 per incident.  For many industrial processes, it’s even more than that.  Properly maintained equipment goes a long way toward preventing unplanned downtime.  We offer comprehensive PM services as well as a staff of more than 60 technicians to respond to emergency issues.

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Energy Challenges:

Leverage Energy Savings.

The industrial sector is the largest energy-consuming sector in the United States.  If you’re in a high run-time industry, that compounds the impact that energy has on your bottom line.  To think of it another way, the average industrial company has a profit margin of 6.5%.  At those margins, every $10,000 in energy savings equates to over $150,000 in additional revenue.

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Planning Challenges:

Contingency Planning.

The best way to manage an HVAC emergency is to plan for it.  If cooling is critical in your facility, we can work with you to understand the risk and develop a comprehensive plan to minimize disruptions.  We’ll help with what you need, who to call, and ensure connections and back-up power options are in place.

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Funding Challenges:

Lowering Financing Costs.

To make facility improvements, we know it has to make financial sense.  But it’s not just about how much a project costs.  Many programs are available to help make access to capital less expensive.  We have a full range of options for Clients, including PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) Financing, Shared Savings Agreements, Power Purchase Agreements, Utility Rebate Programs and low interest private financing.

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Our Results: Case Studies.

  • Rexam Plastics

    The Complete Package…and No Downtime

  • Bridgestone

    Cooling Tower Replaced with Minimal Business Disruption

  • Tenneco Automotive

    Equipment renewal program reduces risk & delivers reliability

  • Schrocks of Walnut Creek

    Ventilation System supports growth & value in product line

  • Fannie May Confections

    Dynamic Commissioning Delivers Sweet Results

  • Hess Print Solutions

    Energy Services Program

  • “Gardiner’s team is very professional, knowledgeable, technically savvy and dedicated when it comes to our projects. You really know what you’re talking about.”

    - Maintenance Manager, Rexam Plastics

  • “We were surprised how quickly and efficiently you repaired our system and had it saving money so quickly. For something we had struggled with for so long, you made it look easy.”

    - Maintenance Manager, Fannie May Confections

  • “When your technicians come to work here, it’s like they work directly for our company. We trust them that much."

    - Facilities Director, Manufacturer

  • “Your technicians are very accessible and customer service oriented.”

    - Facilities Director, Manufacturer

  • “Gardiner does an excellent job for us.”

    - Maintenance Director, Manufacturer

  • “If we have an issue, it’s always fixed right the first time. I never have to call twice.”

    - Maintenance Manager, Manufacturer

  • “Gardiner is truly a multi-faceted building management company.”

    - Maintenance Manager, Manufacturer

  • “Gardiner has the smartest people in the industry.”

    - Maintenance Director, Research Laboratory

Other Industrial Building Highlights.

Additional Building Projects.

  • ATI Metals Industrial Building

    ATI Metals

    Flat Rolled Products Division
    Louisville, OH - 2015
    Project Type: Cooling Tower replacement

  • Centor Industrial Building


    Building 2
    Berlin, OH - 2016
    Project Type: Process Chilled Water System & Integration

  • GE Lighting Industrial Building

    GE Lighting

    Cleveland Plant
    Cleveland, OH - 2014
    Project Type: Lab Humidification Solution

  • Hankook Industrial Building

    Hankook Tires

    Akron Technical Center
    Uniontown, OH - 2015
    Project Type: Chilled Water Extension to Lab

  • Lubrizol

    Specialty Chemicals Division
    Painesville, OH - Various
    Project Type: Multiple Projects & Building Services

  • Moen Industrial Building


    Corporate Headquarters
    North Olmsted, OH - 2016
    Project Type: Air Handling Retrofit

  • Momentive Industrial Building

    Momentive Performance Material

    Specialty Ceramics Plant
    Strongsville, OH - 2015
    Project Type: Process Chilled Water System

  • Rhenium Alloys

    Manufacturing Plant
    North Ridgeville, OH - 2014
    Project Type: HVAC System Replacement

  • Struktol Industrial Building


    Manufacturing Plant
    Stow, OH - 2014
    Project Type: Packaged Chilled Water & Pumping System