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Comfort. It sounds pretty touchy-feely, but anyone in our business knows this is serious stuff. From avoiding constant tenant complaints to literally being able to provide an environment where people can simply live or work on a 90 degree day in July, building comfort is really a necessity.

BOMA studies indicate that improving building comfort can have a 17.6% impact on employee productivity, so comfort is important for the bottom line as well.

Our whole business was built around comfort. From our 26 degreed engineers, who can help design the right systems and select the right equipment for your applications to our almost 70 service technicians out on the road, our team of experts can help with whatever comfort challenges you’re facing.

Your Challenge:

Getting the Design Right.

Every building is different.  Different designs.  Different purposes. Designing the right mechanical systems with the right equipment is critical.  We work closely with design teams to ensure that a building’s HVAC systems deliver long-term comfort, cost and performance benefits.

Design Better Systems

Your Challenge:

Assessing True Building Comfort.

The primary way to assess if a building is comfortable is simple: complaints.  We help Clients take a more proactive approach with the Space Comfort Scorecard, a tool that provides actual data and trends to identify potential building comfort and performance issues.

Score Your Building’s Comfort

Your Challenge:

Controlling Comfort.

The point of Building Automation is to give you more control and ease of operation, but that’s often easier said than done.  We can provide an interoperable, secure, scalable and truly easy-to-use BAS to ensure that a building operates predictably and at optimal comfort levels.

Control Comfort with BAS Solutions

Your Challenge:

Temporary Space Cooling.

When the unexpected happens, it’s good to have somewhere to turn.  While we offer a full range of rental services for even the largest system failure, our Parts & Supplies Center has portable cooling options for affordable, immediate relief or temporary comfort needs.

Gardiner Parts & Supplies

Your Challenge:

Single Source Accountability.

One of the biggest mistakes building owners make is simply replacing equipment.  Building uses and technologies change over time.  We provides simple, turnkey retrofit services that will not just replace old equipment, but takes a partnership approach to understanding your business and ensuring the building works better.

Turnkey Solutions for Comfort