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Better Tools Mean Better System Design

One of the key principles in our business is partnership.  We believe in the value of creating the right team and giving everyone on that team access to the best information and resources available.  Here we’ve assembled a full range of Design & Analysis tools, Product Literature and Education & Training resources from all of our vendors in one easy-to-access location.  Can’t find what you need?  Contact us now and we’ll help.

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System Design Tools.

We love tools.  We also pride ourselves on making sure we offer access to all of our OEM partner design tools to our Clients.  Click the links below to access resources directly from the source.  Our local team includes power users of each of these tools, so feel free to ask for training or help on how to use them.

  • Daikin Applied Design Tools

    Access to user friendly, Windows based software tools including Daikin Tools Suite for Engineers, Energy Analyzer II and Acoustic Analyzer.

  • Daikin Light Commercial Tools

    Suite of mobile and software tools including Daikin eQuip, Trace 700, Energy Pro, eQuest, Energy Calculator and IES-EV

  • Seresco

    Quick & easy-to-use online dehumidification model selection tool that uses ASHRAE approved standards.

  • KMC Controls

    Extensive Systems Programming & Training Videos for KMC Controls' product offering.

  • Heat Pipe Technology

    Use HPT's SelectPlus Design Software to generate performance reports, dimensional drawings and more.

  • Cost of Delay Calculator

    View the impact of inflation and indirect costs on delayed or deferred HVAC projects using this online calculator.

Product Literature.

Think of this as your virtual library for all of the brochures, product manuals, IOMs, and other literature related to any of the product-lines we represent.  And you won’t even need to be a master of the Dewey Decimal System to find what you’re looking for.  Browse below by manufacturer to find what you’re looking for.

  • Daikin Applied Product Literature

    Includes Catalogs, Product Data, IOMs, Users Manuals and Product Brochures

  • Daikin VRV & Light Commercial Literature

    Includes Engineering Manuals, IOMs, Service Manuals and more

  • Seresco

    Find technical documentation on all Seresco units, including drawings and technical specifications

  • Carel

    Complete online document search. Filter by document type or product type

  • Data Aire

    Find brochures, IOMs, parts lists, as well as dimensional and component drawings

  • Heat Pipe Technology

    Find typical system design specs for HPT products

  • KMC Controls

    Access KMC Product catalogs and brochures

  • MultiStack

    Search catalogs, case studies, marketing materials or maintenance and accessory documents

  • Semco

    Find all product literature by drilling down on specific product types

  • United Cool Air

    Full range of product literature including engineering guide specs, drawings and manuals

  • Valent

    Search for general product info, announcements & bulletins and technical support

  • Williams

    Find literature, warranties, and technical support materials for the full line of Williams products

  • Yaskawa

    Browse an extensive resource center by product group and product line or by document type and sub type

  • Aldrich

    The Reference Center features product literature, manuals, and warranty information

  • Power Flame

    Search product literature, including IOMs and sales bulletins

Training & Education.

For years we’ve been known as THE place in Northeast Ohio for HVAC technical and engineering training.  That extends not just to our extensive list of local training options, but also access to a host of great resources from our partners.  If you’re looking for training resources, we’ve got them.

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