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Educators and school district administrators are faced with constant challenges. A physical environment that enables student achievement shouldn’t be one of them. For over 2 decades, we have been the go-to company for Northern Ohio’s school districts, providing quiet, well-lit, properly ventilated, comfortable and energy efficient settings for learning. Find out more about how we have helped districts save money and improve the learning environment.

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Comfort Challenges:

Improve Student Achievement

Studies say that improved comfort in the classroom improves student achievement.  But how do you measure comfort?  We offer grading via a Space Comfort Scorecard tool that captures measurements in the space every 15 minutes and can pinpoint issues and opportunities, and help validate improvement. Contact us today to learn more about the Space Comfort Scorecard.

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Reliability Challenges:

Taking control of Your Schools

Do you feel like you understand your facility and know how to operate it?  Are you confident that the building is operating as it was originally programmed or intended?  We provide system integration capabilities that have helped school districts see and understand how their facilities work.  More importantly, it has enabled the district’s staff to easily access and take control of the building.

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Energy Challenges:

Save Taxpayer Dollars

K-12 Schools spend billions (that’s billions – with a “b”) of dollars every year on energy.  In fact, after staff costs, energy is the single highest operating expenditure for a typical school district. We understand the challenges that districts face in managing budgetary constraints while ensuring that its systems are as efficient as possible.  Learn more about how our Building Analytics team can help your district.

Learn About Building Analytics in K-12 Schools

Planning Challenges:

Long Term Facility Partnerships

We’ve been around for over 55 years.  Our value is in the long-term.  Your next project isn’t about just that project, but how your assets fit together with the overall district plan.  Where does it make sense to invest? Our team has the local K-12 experience and the technical expertise help.

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Funding Challenges:

Funding School Improvements

We know it’s not that easy.  If identifying facility needs were the only issue, most districts would be well ahead of where they are today.  We realize it’s not just about finding opportunities to save energy or improve comfort… but identifying how to fund and procure the solutions.  Our team is well versed in legislation like HB264 but also offers a multitude of funding options and procurement tools (like U.S. Communities and State Terms Schedule) for districts.

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Our Results: Case Studies

  • Springfield Local Schools

    Intelligent Services Improve Comfort & Energy Performance

  • Hudson City Schools

    New Daikin System offers Comfort & Efficiency

  • Energy Star for K-12

    Building Analytics Leads to Energy Saving Success for Local Schools

  • Minerva Local Schools

    Energy Conservation

  • Fairless Local Schools

    Intelligent Services

  • Chagrin Falls Schools

    HB264 Energy Project

  • Osnaburg Local Schools

    Building Analytics

  • Canton City Schools

    Year: 2015 Project Type: Split Systems, Air Handling Units & VFD’s

  • Willoughby Eastlake Schools

    Renovation Project

  • Grand Valley Local Schools

    Dynamic Commissioning

  • “Most recommendations required a significant capital investment. Gardiner’s was different, though. They helped us map out a strategy without having to make any capital improvements.”

    - Chief Operating Officer, Tallmadge Schools

  • “We started working with Gardiner 2 years ago to get our energy costs under control. Our issues with building efficiency have been solved.”

    - Treasurer, Osnaburg Local Schools

  • “The Energy Star Award illustrates to the community that our school district is moving in the right direction and our tax dollars are being used as efficiently as possible."

    - Facilities Manager, Minerva Schools

  • “We are able to invest the money we are saving back into the classrooms, where it belongs.”

    - Treasurer, Fairless Local Schools

  • “Your company has been a pleasure to work with. The project came in on time, and due to your attention to detail, this has saved the District above what we originally estimated.”

    - Director of Business Personnel, Chagrin Falls Local Schools

  • “The greatest impact has been in the attitude of the students and staff. The improvements made to the facility have enhanced the way students view school and how the teachers do their jobs, which leads to better student achievement.”

    - Superintendent, Willoughby-Eastlake Schools

Other K-12 Building Highlights

Additional Building Projects.

  • Westlake City Schools

    Westlake PK-4 Elementary

  • Willoughby Eastlake City Schools

    North High School, South High School, Longfellow Elementary School

  • Avon Local School District

    Avon Middle School
    Avon, OH - 2015
    Project Type: Split Systems, Air Handling Units & VFDs

  • Bay Village School Building

    Bay Village City Schools District

    District Wide Energy Upgrades
    Bay Village, OH - 2012-2015, Certified 2016
    Project Type: Bond Issue Improvements, Energy Star Certification

  • Brook Park Memorial School Building in Berea Ohio

    Berea City School District

    Brookpark Memorial Elementary School
    Berea, OH - 2013
    Project Type: Rooftop Units for Renovations

  • Green Local Schools

    Smithville High School
    Green, OH - 2014
    Project Type: Air Cooled Chillers, VFDs

  • Hawken Schools

    Academic Building Addition
    Gates Mills, OH - 2015
    Project Type: Boilers

  • Madison Local Schools

    Elementary & Middle Schools
    Madison, OH - 2013-2014
    Project Type: Air conditioning for District-Wide Renovations

  • Mansfield Ohio School Building

    Mansfield City Schools

    Spanish Immersion School
    Mansfield, OH - 2014
    Project Type: New Boilers

  • Medina City Schools

    AI Root Middle School
    Medina, OH - 2013
    Project Type: Air Cooled Chiller with Remote Evaporator Turnkey Project

  • Rocky River City Schools

    High School
    Rocky River, OH - 2014
    Project Type: Rooftop Unit Replacement Project

  • Sheffield City Schools

    New High School
    Sheffield Lake, OH - 2015
    Project Type: Air Cooled Chilled Water & Thermal Storage System

  • Solon Schools

    High School & Orchard Middle School
    Solon, OH - 2013
    Project Type: Turnkey Boiler Replacement Project

  • Springfield Local School District

    New High School
    Springfield, OH - 2016
    Project Type: Air Cooled Chilled Water & Thermal Storage System

  • Westlake City Schools

    High School
    Westlake, OH - 2013-2014
    Project Type: Make Up Air Units & Boilers