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As a supplement to the training that we host at our Training & Technology Center, Gardiner has put together several webinars to bring comprehensive training to our clients, end-users, engineers, and contracting partners. These webinars are offered free of charge and cover a variety of different topics.

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Air Intelligence

HVAC Engineering Webinar Series

Technology is moving fast and it can be a challenge to keep up. Gardiner’s Air Intelligence webinar series is designed to keep you up on the latest innovations in the HVAC industry and also to review some of the tried and true strategies and technologies that have been around for years.

  • The Unobserved Risks of Conventional HVAC Maintenance

    Speakers Jake Kuhn, Mike Somers, and Brent Jividen from Gardiner

  • ESSER Funds: The Home Stretch

    Guest Speaker Dennis Honkala, Ohio Schools Council

  • Building Electrification

    Guest Speaker Judy Peters, Daikin

  • Easy & Scalable Building Automation Systems

    Speakers Andy Meyer, Gardiner and Greg Salisbury, KMC

  • The Evolution of Refrigerants

    Guest Speaker Ben Schlinsog, Daikin Applied

  • The New COVID Relief Bill: What it Means for Facilities & Construction

    Guest Speakers Adam Hill & Dan Sobochan, Cohen & Company

  • 100% Outside Air, 100% Indoor Installation

    Guest Speakers James Dean & Erdem Kokgil, Oxygen8

  • Zonal Electric Heat in Commercial/Institutional Buildings

    Guest Speaker Keith Brauss, Stelpro

  • The Future of HVAC: Sustainable Solutions in a World of Phaseouts and Ever-Changing Regulations

    Guest Speaker Drew Eckman, Bluon

  • BDA: Solving a Crisis in Plain Sight

    Guest Speakers: Gary Sigrist, Author; Jeffrey Thein, Cleveland Clinc; and more

  • The Benefits of Cooperative Purchasing

    Guest Speaker Keith McDevitt, Equalis Group

  • Water Cooled Modular Chillers

    Guest Speaker Bruce Barrett, Multistack

  • Emergency Response Planning Using Rentals

    Guest Speaker Randy Zadow, Daikin

  • Heat Pipe Configuration and Applications

    Guest Speaker Marcus D'Arcy, Heat Pipe Technology

  • Chiller Electrification and Heat Recovery

    Guest Speaker Bruce Barrett, Multistack

  • Packaged Pumping Systems, Modular Chillers and Boiler Plants

    Guest Speaker Steven St. John, Canariis

  • RapidRestore and RideThrough Technology & Low ECWT – Inverted Operation

    Guest Speakers Devin Fowler and David Martin, Daikin Applied

  • MagLev Chillers - Oil-free, High Efficiency, Quiet Operation

    Guest Speaker Bruce Barrett, Multistack

  • Financing an Energy Improvement Project with Constellation’s Efficiency Made Easy (EME) Program

    Constellation & Gardiner

  • High Performance Central Heating Plants and Cost-Effective Integration

    Speaker Ted Dreyer, Gardiner

  • Natatorium Design Considerations

    Guest Speakers Michael Hentges and Gary Lochner, Innovent

  • Air Cooled Modular Chillers

    Guest Speaker Bruce Barrett, Multistack

  • The Advantages of Hybrid Water Source Heat Pumps

    Guest Speaker Raoul Gautreau, Bulldog

  • Small, Quiet, and Efficient Hydronic Equipment

    Guest Speaker Alex Naja, JAGA Climate Designers

  • How to Match VRV Condensers with 3rd Party DX Coils

    Guest Speakers Chris Soh and Jim Moore, Daikin

  • Airstream Disinfection with UVDI

    Guest Speaker Leandro de la Torriente, UVDI

  • Dynamic Commissioning & Building Analytics

    Speakers Matt Field and Nate Smik, Gardiner

  • Get Paid to Get FIT - Daikin

    Guest Speaker Jim Moore, Daikin

  • Designing DOAS for Robust & Efficient Operation

    Guest Speaker Brian Jennissen, Unison Comfort Systems

  • Optimizing HVAC Selections with Energy Modeling

    Guest Speaker Judy Peters, Daikin

  • Air Curtains with UV & HEPA Technology

    Guest Speaker Chris Burke, Mars Air Systems

  • Boiler System Design and Selection

    Speaker Ted Dreyer, Gardiner

  • The Next Generation of Rooftop Systems

    Guest Speaker Chip Grech, Daikin Applied

  • The Future of Refrigerants

    Guest Speaker Philip Johnston, Daikin Applied

  • ECM Fan Arrays

    Guest Speaker Chris Willemssen, Q-PAC

  • Air Rotation 101 for Large, Open Spaces

    Guest Speaker Sam Clemens, Arizon Companies/Johnson Air Rotation

  • Magnetic Bearing Chiller Technology - Fad or Future?

    Guest Speaker Adam Crimboli, Daikin Applied

  • Advanced Integrated Piping Systems

    Guest Speaker Monte Kartchner, Williams Comfort Products

  • Pool Design Features

    Guest Speaker Mathson Browne, Seresco

  • Daikin Air Cooled Chillers

    Guest Speaker Paul Crisman, Daikin

  • Oxygen8 Overview & Ventilation Trends

    Guest Speaker James Dean, Oxygen8

  • Air Purification with Bipolar Ionization

    Guest Speaker Dan Rellihan, Plasma Air

  • Yaskawa HV600 VFD - Making the Complicated Simple

    Guest Speaker Tony Anthony, Yaskawa

  • Tech Trends in Commercial Water Source Heat Pumps

    Guest Speaker Al Youker, Daikin

  • Open Building Automation Systems

    Guest Speaker Jesse Shoemaker, KMC

  • Creative Solutions Through Energy Savings

    Speakers Mark Havens and Jenny Richardson, Gardiner

  • HVAC Basics - Air Handlers

    Speakers Chip Polivka and Andy English, Gardiner

  • COVID-19 & The Future of Air Filtration

    Speaker Hunter Most, American Air Filter

  • Boiler Winter Webinar - Hydronic Systems

    Speaker Ted Dreyer, Gardiner

Clearing the Air Webinar Series

Fact VS. Fiction: HVAC Strategies for Airborne Infection control

How can those designing and operating HVAC systems separate fact from fiction or balance the
current fear from people about building health and air quality with practical long-term design
strategies? This four-part series outlines some technologies and approaches to helping keep buildings safe.

  • Airstream Disinfection with UVDI

    Guest Speaker Leandro de la Torriente, UVDI

  • The Role of Humidity in Infection Control

    Guest Speaker Rony Abi-Nahed, Neptronics

  • Air Purification with Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) Technology

    Guest Speaker Dan Rellihan, Plasma Air

  • Pressurization Solutions for Critical Applications

    Guest Speaker Greg Lavriha, GPD Group

Back to Business Webinar Series

HVAC Products & Applications

In this series, Gardiner has put together another series of webinars that will cover some products and applications that clients have expressed interest in hearing more about.

  • Airflow Measurement Technology with KMC Controls

    Guest Speakers Erich Kreuter and Jesse Shoemaker, KMC Controls

  • Neptronic Humidifiers Overview & Applications

    Guest Speaker Rony Abi-Nahed, Neptronics

  • What is a truly OPEN Building Automation System?

    Guest Speaker Erich Kreuter, KMC Controls

  • MulitStack Modular Chillers Overview & Applications

    Guest Speaker Bob Kimball, MultiStack

  • Air Handling Technology with Ingenia

    Guest Speaker George Mastromonaco, Ingenia