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When people ask what we do, it’s tempting to launch into a barrage of everything we offer. In addition to boring you to tears, though…that also wouldn’t quite describe it fully. When we look at it most simply, we solve buildings. We work with our clients to solve the challenges that they face in their buildings and/or help to mitigate them before they become issues.

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  • Comfort

    BOMA estimates building comfort can+ impact employee productivity by 17%
    or more.

  • Reliability

    Unplanned downtime can cost a business thousands of dollars per hour depending
    on usage.

  • Air Quality

    With people spending 90% of their time indoors, air quality greatly impacts overall health.

  • Energy

    HVAC Systems &
    Lighting are typically the largest energy costs in a building, often 50% or higher.

  • Safety

    Protecting the people and assets in a building is the most critical challenge in operating a facility.

  • Planning

    Maintaining and/or
    replacing building equipment and systems reactively can increase costs 35-45%.

  • Funding

    Beyond technical solutions, funding and sourcing concerns can pose major issues
    for projects and buildings.