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The value of what we do isn’t in the list of services we provide. It’s having the expertise and knowledge to collectively look at what is most important in protecting your building, business, and people. From the most advanced security alarm systems to state-of-the-art clean agent fire suppression, we have the most robust selection of fire, life safety, and security solutions.

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Fire Safety

Fires can wreak havoc and spread quickly if they aren’t reported or suppressed properly. Implementing a professionally installed and monitored fire alarm is perhaps the most significant way to assure the safety of lives and preservation of property in any building. Continental Fire & Security (CFS), a Gardiner company, has the expertise to provide all phases of fire alarm service, from design and installation to maintenance and inspections. While clean agent fire suppression systems, the superior choice for protecting electronics and high-value assets, can reduce the threat of needless downtime, business interruptions, and extensive building repair costs.

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Vandalism, theft, and unwanted intrusions can pose a threat to the safety of your property, employees, and clients. Keep your building and its occupants out of harm’s way with proactive security measures to strengthen your building’s vulnerabilities. Depending on your security needs, our top-of-the-line access control systems and video surveillance systems can help limit access to areas at specific times and dates and monitor critical building areas.

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Life Security

Time is everything in an emergency. When speed and response matter most, CFS offers innovative communication systems for healthcare and other facilities, including nurse call and intercom systems. These communication systems provide effective safety measures to ensure instant communication among patients, nurses, doctors, visitors, and staff within healthcare facilities of all types.

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