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When clients think of Gardiner, they often think of our technical expertise. Okay, we admit it… that is a big part of who we are.

Increasingly, though, the financial aspect of what we do has become more important. Let’s face it, we could have the best technical solution in the world, but if the money isn’t there to make it happen it won’t happen.

Our financial solutions expertise gives clients access to a full range of tools from government procurement options to shared savings to complete project financing. We not only help you figure out what to do to make your building work better, but how to fund it.

Learn How Tax Codes Impact HVAC

Your Challenge:

Limited Capital Budget.

A common misconception is that improving your building’s systems or energy performance requires a large capital investment. In many cases, big improvements can be made with little or no capital investment. We also offer access to tools like shared savings programs.

Fund Your Improvements

Your Challenge:

Sourcing & Procurement.

Sometimes knowing what you want isn’t the biggest challenge, it’s being able to buy it in an environment of competitive bidding and compliance. We offers multiple options to access our products and services on government procurement schedules and via approved Group Purchasing Organizations.

Find Sourcing Options

Your Challenge:

Total Cost of Ownership.

You get what you pay for. More to the point, what you pay for in HVAC systems greatly impacts what you’ll pay down the road. At the core of our business is a focus on making sure building systems have the lowest total cost over the life of the system.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Your Challenge:

Energy Procurement.

When talking about energy savings, the supply side is often overlooked. Gardiner can help with Supply Side Energy Management as well. We can quickly assess whether you’re paying too much for your energy and map out a strategy to get you the best price and best terms. Don’t believe us?  Let us prove it to you.

Evaluate Your Utility Rates

Your Challenge:

Project Financing.

More than 80% of CFOs finance capital equipment like copiers and forklifts. The same can be done for your HVAC and lighting projects. We offer access to financing options that allow you to conserve your capital budget and keep cash on hand for salaries, inventories and other business needs.

Finance Your HVAC or Lighting Project