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What does HVAC equipment downtime cost you?  You may not even want to think about it, but you probably have a pretty good idea.  Jones Lang LaSalle estimates that building downtime costs anywhere from $5,000 per hour to literally millions depending on the industry.

In critical applications like data centers, the costs can be staggering.  A Poneman Institute Study found that Data Center outages cost an average of nearly $700,000 per incident.

Nothing mechanical is 100% foolproof from failure.  However, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk and lessen the impact when it does happen.  At Gardiner, we know how important this part of the equation is and we’ve designed every part of our business to help you manage that risk.

Your Challenge:

Unexpected Downtime.

When you are faced with unexpected system downtime… or even a planned seasonal outage, knowing who to call can be critical. Our teams have access to temporary chillers and generators and can mobilize our own local resources to get you up and running within hours.

Build a Contingency Plan

Your Challenge:

Risks of Aging Equipment.

As equipment ages, the risk of unexpected failure increases. We offer a variety of refresh and factory recertification programs that can proactively restore the performance of chillers and large rooftop units with an included warranty for peace of mind.

Renew Your Equipment

Your Challenge:

24/7 Parts Availability.

When reducing downtime is a priority, finding the parts you need as quickly as possible is critical.  We have two local stocking locations and retail outlets with a full range of OEM repair parts as well as aftermarket parts, supplies and tools.  And we’re on call 24/7.

See Our Parts Centers

Your Challenge:

Preventing & Predicting Equipment Failure.

Your building systems are a major investment.  The most important factor in protecting that investment and avoiding downtime is proper maintenance.  We provide effective, factory-designed maintenance programs, as well as sophisticated predictive and diagnostic services.

Maintain Your Systems

Your Challenge:

Obsolete Technology.

People replace their mobile phones every 2-3 years.  Computers every 3-5 years.  While the technology cycle for Building Automation Systems isn’t quite as sharp, we offer modernization and integration solutions for BAS & Controls to keep your system from failing due to age.

Automate Your Facility