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Healthcare providers today depend on a wide array of facilities to achieve one true priority: administer the best delivery of care to their Clients. Our team has been instrumental in working with Healthcare institutions across Northern Ohio in every step of the supply chain to ensure a thriving environment of care.

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Comfort Challenges:

Improving Environment of Care (EOC)

The Healthcare market combines one of the most energy intensive environments with one of the most regulated.  Relationships of comfort, infection control, indoor air quality and noise reduction present a real challenge.  We understand the importance of these relationships and helps Clients balance the cost and benefit investments they must make to maximize their portfolio of buildings.

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Reliability Challenges:

Assuring Performance & Compliance

Healthcare systems grow a facility and a new wing at a time. Providers are faced with constant challenges of remaining current on changing regulations.  We provide upgrade paths, technological systems integration and training that enables healthcare systems to maximize their assets and keep current on complex regulatory issues.

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Energy Challenges:

Focus Spending on Patient Care, Not Energy

By reducing energy use in Healthcare facilities, all of our Clients have provided value to their patients by allowing additional resources to be directed toward patient care.  This includes reduced energy costs across the building portfolio, increased life expectancy of equipment and technology, as well as improved productivity.

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Planning Challenges:

Long-Term Health System Planning

We help healthcare Clients put together an asset management plan that takes all aspects of master planning into account, and by leveraging our local expertise.  Life cycle costing is a widely-understood method of helping Clients maximize asset values and productivity.

Planning Challenges We Solve

Funding Challenges:

Funding Healthcare Improvements

Healthcare systems want to invest in revenue-producing assets, not facilities improvements.  We make it possible to procure improvements through many methods – whether traditional financing all the way through self-funding types of projects, focused on energy and productivity measures.

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Our Results: Case Studies

  • University Hospitals Health System

    Fast action ensured a cool summer

  • Cleveland Clinic

    Dynamic Chiller Optimization improves the healing environment

  • Union Hospital

    Building a more perfect Union

  • Allen Community Hospital

    Energy retrofit and N+1 redundancy

  • Premier Physicians

    High performance building partnership leads to better efficiency

  • “Gardiner has a wealth of expertise, with each person playing their part. They have the credibility & quality of a trusted partner.”

    - Director of Facilities, Northeast Ohio Hospital

  • “Gardiner understands our needs and works hard with us to assure uptime of all mission-critical systems.”

    - Director of Facilities, Major Northeast Ohio Healthcare System

  • “Over the years, we’ve been very successful with the mechanical upgrades at our hospital. The partnership we’ve enjoyed with Gardiner has been the key to that success story.”

    - Director of Environmental Services, Northeast Ohio Hospital

  • “Gardiner gives me the information I need to make good business decisions.”

    - Maintenance Director, Northeast Ohio Hospital

  • “I was very pleased with the communication with Gardiner, specifically from the project management perspective.”

    - Facilities Director, Major Northeast Ohio Healthcare System

  • “Gardiner is not the typical HVAC company or contractor.”

    - Director of Facilities, Northeast Ohio Hospital

Other Healthcare Building Highlights

Additional Building Projects.

  • Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center

    Wade Park Campus
    Cleveland, OH - 2014
    Project Type: Chilled Water Coil Project

  • MetroHealth System

    Plaza Building
    Cleveland, OH - 2013
    Project Type: Operating Room Infrastructure Improvements

  • Summa Health System

    Barberton Hospital
    Barberton, OH - 2015
    Project Type: Centrifugal Chiller Construction

  • Trinity Hospital Twin City

    Dennison, OH - 2015
    Project Type: Decontaimination Room

  • University Hospitals Health System

    UH Parma Medical Center
    Parma, OH - 2016
    Project Type: Turnkey Cooling Tower Replacement

  • University Hospitals Conneaut Medical Center

    University Hospitals Health System

    UH Conneaut Medical Center
    Broadview Heights, OH - 2016
    Project Type: Turnkey Chiller Plant Replacement

  • University Hospitals Geneva Medical Center

    University Hospitals Health System

    UH Geneva Medical Center
    Geneva, OH - 2013
    Project Type: Operating Room Infrastructure Improvements