We Make Buildings Work.

For the health of the people in them.

We all spend approximately 90% of our time indoors, and studies have shown that our environment is the largest determinant of our overall health. That means our health begins at home, and at work, and in all of the spaces we frequent on a daily basis. The COVID-19 pandemic has just highlighted how critical our physical environment can be to our health.

Gardiner has been a leader in the market around IAQ for decades, offering technologies, strategies and solutions to help keep buildings healthy.

So where do you start?  Depending on your situation, we can help you navigate any challenges you’re facing regarding the environment in your building.

Your Challenge:

Healthier Building Design.

Most building owners want to create an environment that supports the health and wellness of the people in it. But what does that mean? We were the first company in Northern Ohio to join the International WELL Building Institute, the world’s leading authority on healthy building design and developer of the WELL building standard.

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Your challenge:

Monitoring Air Quality.

It’s one thing to design for IAQ, but another to deliver it and validate it. Our Building AI: Applied Intelligence services can help you understand, track, monitor and trend different IAQ metrics in your facility to make sure you’re delivering the air quality you designed for.

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Your Challenge:

Infection Control.

Not too long ago, the words “infection control” were strictly a healthcare term. In today’s world, organizations are all concerned with ensuring that their indoor space is helping to prevent illness and the spread of infectious disease…not helping to spread it. We can help you understand the strategies & technologies available to keep the people in your building healthy.

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Your Challenge:

Improving IAQ.

When it comes to disinfection and sanitizing the air in your building, there’s a lot of misconceptions and conflicting information. We have the strategies and solutions to accomplish research-based results to improve the quality of your air through filtration, ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, bipolar ionization and more.

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Your Challenge:

Humidity Management.

Humidity might be the most underrated factor in maintaining healthy indoor spaces. Studies have shown that maintaining a RH of 40-60% drastically improves the health outcomes of people in an indoor space. We partner with Neptronic, the leading humidification solutions manufacturer.

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