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You’ve probably heard of the 5Ps: proper planning prevents poor performance. Well that’s as true in building systems as anywhere.

Our experience is that planning can help avoid unnecessary costs. It’s estimated that unplanned HVAC equipment replacement can be 35-45% more costly…but we see clients struggle with challenges around planning in a number of areas.

Gardiner’s mission is to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients & associates. A big part of that is acting as a partner to help you plan. Whether it’s your next project or a long-term plan to retire equipment at the right time, our team can help.

Your Challenge:

Systems Expertise for Your Design Team

Planning a building project is a team effort. With an average tenure of over 20 years, our sales engineers have seen it all. With our experience, expertise, and access to a full range of HVAC design tools and modeling programs, Gardiner can be a key part of your next project.

Design Better Systems

Your Challenge:

Assessing Performance

Two challenges in improving building performance are getting an assessment of how it’s performing now & knowing what to do to improve it. Gardiner’s building analytics team can help benchmark your building & build a plan to improve performance.

Benchmark Your Building

Your Challenge:

Replacement Budget Planning

If you have a large number of aging system assets, planning can be a challenge. How do you prioritize and budget replacement & avoid sinking repair money into the wrong equipment. You need a partner. Gardiner has worked with numerous clients to help with long-term asset replacement plans.

Learn About Turnkey Projects

Your Challenge:

Emergency Preparedness

The best way to manage an HVAC emergency is to plan for it. If cooling is critical in your facility, Gardiner can work with you on a comprehensive plan to minimize disruptions. We’ll help with what you need, who to call, and ensure connections & back-up power options are in place.

Create a Contingency Plan

Your Challenge:

Technology Migration

If your building automation system is aging or obsolete, the manufacturer will eventually stop supporting the software and hardware. Gardiner has developed cost-effective migration plans for most brands of BAS to “bridge” clients from their existing system to new web-based solutions.

Plan Your BAS Upgrade

Your Challenge:

Parts Availability

How much time & money could you save avoiding trips to pick up parts & supplies? Or shipping? An on-site inventory program from Gardiner parts & supplies can help do just that. We’ll help plan what you need and monitor your stock. And you don’t pay until you use it.

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