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For the Environment.

The EPA estimates that 30% of the energy consumed in buildings is wasted.  Think about that.  If your energy bill was 30% lower, how much would that save you each year?  How much revenue would your business need to add next year to equal that impact on your bottom line?

We are serious about energy.  That’s why our team includes more than 20 engineers with Certified Energy Manager or LEED accreditation designations.  Everything we do, from the equipment we represent to the way our staff works with building owners, considers the impact of energy use in a facility.

So where do you start?  Depending on your situation, we can help you navigate any challenges you’re facing related to energy use in buildings.

Your Challenge:

Energy Efficient System Design

HVAC systems consume roughly 40% of a building’s energy and commercial buildings consume about 12% of the world’s energy supply.  We offer a complete portfolio of the most efficient HVAC equipment on the market.  More importantly, we have the design resources to help you apply that in a system that makes sense.

Design More Efficient Systems

Your Challenge:

Complexity of Energy Supply Costs

Energy costs aren’t just about how much you consume.  How and where you buy your energy can have just as big an impact as your usage.  We have the expertise with Supply-side Energy Management to analyze, negotiate and reduce your utility costs.

Manage Your Energy Supply

Your Challenge:

Sustaining Efficiency

People often associate increased efficiency with replacing equipment, but that’s not always the case.  Even new buildings may not be operating as designed or as efficiently as possible. Our Building Analytics team can help.  Our Dynamic Commissioning process has saved Clients millions of dollars to date.

Benchmark Your Building

Your Challenge:

Automating Energy Management

One of the biggest barriers to optimizing a building is finding a simple, easy-to-use automation solution that integrates the building’s systems.  We offer fully interoperable, integrated solutions to help you manage and maintain the optimal control setup to manage your utilities.

Take Control of Energy Usage

Your Challenge:

Finding Energy Partners

Finding a partner you can trust is a key to long-term energy performance.  Our Performance Solutions team can identify a solution that makes sense for your facility and fits your financial criteria… and help you find the best way to procure and fund it.

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