Daikin HVAC Systems – Module 5: Chillers

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10/25/2021 - 11/12/2021
All Day

Online Course – Self Paced

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In this module, participants begin by learning chiller basics and chiller types, then move on to learn constant flow systems, variable flow systems, Low Delta T, condenser water systems and cooling towers, and controls. This module consists of two virtual instructor-led training (VILT) sessions and self-directed on-line content.



Learning Objectives:

•    Explain lift, or pressure ratio
•    Explain the Carnot Cycle and Coefficient of Performance (COP)
•    Describe condenser water relief using AHRI standards



Learning Objectives:

•    Demonstrate the ability to knowledgeably discuss chiller basics
•    Explain how an air-cooled chiller works
•    Explain how a water-cooled chiller works
•    Explain the basics of an absorption chiller
•    Knowledgeably discuss relevant AHRI standards


CONSTANT FLOW SYSTEMS  (self-directed online content)

Learning Objectives:

•    Explain how constant flow systems function in single chiller plants, parallel chiller plants, and series chillers
•    Explain series counter flow


VARIABLE FLOW SYSTEMS  (self-directed online content)

Learning Objectives:

•    Describe how a primary-secondary water system works
•    Explain a variable primary flow system
•    Explain pump control related to variable flow systems
•    Explain chiller staging


LOW DELTA T  (self-directed online content)

Learning Objectives:

•    Explain Low Delta T and Low Delta T Syndrome
•    Determine possible causes of Low Delta T


CONDENSER WATER SYSTEMS & COOLING TOWERS  (self-directed online content)

Learning Objectives:

•    Demonstrate an understanding of Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) standards for cooling towers
•    Describe approach and range of a cooling tower
•    Explain Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and the importance of make-up water
•    Distinguish different configurations of cooling towers


CONTROLS  (self-directed online content)

Learning Objectives:

•    Describe the general control sequence of operation for a chiller
•    Explain how leaving chilled water reset works
•    Identify external equipment that can be controlled with Daikin chillers
•    Explain how system design and control sequence can help with Low Delta T Syndrome and compressor short cycling
•    Describe the basic sequence of operation for primary-secondary flow and variable primary flow



Additional Information

TARGET AUDIENCE:  HVAC Professionals, Owner/Operators, Contractors & Service Technicians

RECOMMENDED PREREQUISITES:  Module 0 & Module 1 (Modules 2-6 can be attended in any order)

CLASS SIZE:  Class size is limited and is offered on a first-registered, first-attend basis

COST:  $300/student

EDUCATION CREDITS:  Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) are available upon request following completion of course.



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