Turning Building Intelligence into Business Results

How much did you invest in your Building Automation System? More importantly, how confident are you that you’re getting everything you can from that investment?  Intelligent Services from GARDINER leverages your technology investment with our expertise in mechanical system design, controls, equipment maintenance and energy management.  We’ll help you understand what’s happening in your building… and more importantly, what to do about it.

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Average Energy Wasted in Large Buildings



/ sq. ft Average Reduction Achieved by Energy Star Buildings



Typical Savings Possible with No Capital Improvements

Data You Can Profit From

Given how much energy an HVAC system and lighting consumes, having access to data about these systems is smart.  Resolve problems before they impact performance… and your bottom line.  Intelligent Services from GARDINER can help you identify how your building is performing against similar facility-types and proactively identify if that performance is improving.


We don’t believe in technology for technology’s sake… or data for data’s sake.  We know that a Building Automation System is the key to realizing both efficient operation and a comfortable environment.  Our Intelligent Services team understands how to ensure that your system is properly adjusted from initial design to the actual operating environment.



Monitoring and diagnostics enable our team to detect potential issues and remotely diagnose and resolve system concerns, avoiding unnecessary down-time and minimizing service truck rolls.




Typical Per-Incident Truck Roll Cost



Typical % of Initial Investment Spent on Programming


Performing routine software updates and system back-ups to your building automation systems to ensure business recovery in the case of a catastrophic event. This protects the investment you’ve made in system programming, which often accounts for 20%+ of the initial spend.

Reduce energy spend

Reviewing your facility energy usage along with system operation allows our team to make minor adjustments as well as provide suggestions for future improvements, reducing your overall utility spend.  Many building owners overlook the fact that a significant portion of energy savings can be achieved with no capital investment at all.


EPA Estimate of the Average Energy Waste in Buildings

  • “You continually bring new ideas on how to save money on utilities and the latest technology. Your people have great ideas and I love that you bring that to the table.”

    -Director of Facilities, Municipality

  • “When GARDINER came to us with a solution, you were the only ones that said we didn’t have to replace all of our existing HVAC systems & controls.”

    -Treasurer, Local School District

  • “Your technicians take ownership of our building systems.”

    -Facilities Manager, Municipality

  • “I never worry when we call GARDINER to fix something. I know it will be fixed right.”

    -Facilities Manager, Municipality

  • “You come to us with solutions…and how to pay for it.”

    -Director of Facilities, Multi-Facility Building Owner

  • “Our technician is really accessible and customer service oriented.”

    -Maintenance Director, Global Manufacturer