Just because we’ve been around a while doesn’t mean we are stuck in our ways. Look no further than the growth of VRV the last several years. GARDINER was on the leading edge of bringing the technology, which provides precise control and energy efficiency to multiple spaces, to Northeast Ohio. We’re proud to provide market-leading solutions for ductless and VRV applications.

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    Daikin VRV Systems. Compact, Modular and Energy Efficient.

  • “We were pleasantly surprised how quickly and efficiently you repaired our system and had it saving us money so quickly. For something that we had struggled with for so long, you made it look easy.”

    -Maintenance Supervisor, Rexam Plastics

  • “We have a great working relationship with you. Your team is very professional, knowledgeable, technically savvy and dedicated when it comes to our projects. You really know what you’re talking about.”

    -Maintenance Manager, Fannie May

  • "We needed problem solvers and a company that knew how to make things work the way they should. You were a stable and reliable company, being in the business 50 years with a proven successful track record.”

    -Vice President of Support Services, TriPoint Medical Center