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Equipment Stocking from Daikin.

It’s no secret that Daikin offers the world’s most advanced equipment lineup, highlighted by industry leading Magnitude® magnetic bearing compressor chillers and Pathfinder® air-cooled screw chillers with VVR compressor technology.

When time is critical, though, Daikin also offers the industry’s largest selection of available, ready-to-ship chillers and condensing units, as well as a huge stock of Water Source Heat Pumps and other equipment.

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AGZ-E Air Cooled Scroll (20-241 ton)


AMZ Air Cooled Scroll (10-40 tons)


AWV Air Cooled Screw (100-565 tons)

Air Cooled

In Stock Chillers.

Daikin’s lineup of air-cooled chillers includes the Pathfinder® AWV screw compressor chiller with Variable Refrigerant Volume compressor technology and the Trailblazer® scroll compressor chiller. Daikin carries stock in a wide range of sizes and configurations, so contact your Gardiner representative to find out if one of our stock machines is right for your application.

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WMC/WME Centrifugal Chiller (86-400 tons)


WWV Screw Chiller (120-300 tons)


WGZ Scroll Chiller (30-200 tons)

Water Cooled

In-Stock Chillers.

When you talk about chiller technology, Daikin has been leading the way for more than a decade with the innovative Magnitude® magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller or the recently-introduced Navigator® water-cooled screw with VVR technology.

If you’re curious how Daikin Applied chillers are made, watch this behind-the-scenes look at our Staunton, VA factory.

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Horizontal WSHPs (1/2 to 6 tons)


Vertical & Vertical Stack (1/2 to 6 tons)


Console In-Room WSHPs (1/2 to 1.5 tons)


In-Stock Units.

Daikin’s Water Source Heat Pump line-up is the most complete in the industry, offering a full range of features and configurations to meet your needs and budget. Even better, Daikin has a multitude of WSHPs in stock and ready to ship.

Have a retrofit application? Check out our Cross-Reference Tool. Enter your current model info and see which Daikin WSHP will match.

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Gardiner has access to Daikin’s full stock as well as that of many other manufacturers. If you’re dealing with a short lead-time project and need something now, let us know and we’ll help you find the equipment you need to fit the needs of your project on time and within budget.