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About Union Hospital

Union Hospital, located in Dover, Ohio, is an award-winning not-for-profit, independent, community hospital serving Tuscarawas, Carroll, and surrounding counties in eastern Ohio. Currently Union Hospital has more than 300 providers on our medical staff and employs more than 800. Over the years, Union Hospital has expanded to become the centerpiece of a 25-acre medical campus. Surrounding the hospital are physician office buildings, outpatient rehabilitation and sports medicine center, and a mental healthcare agency. Nearby off-campus facilities include the Tuscarawas Ambulatory Surgery Center, WorkWell Occupational Medicine Center, and FirstCare urgent care center.

Building Challenges:

Critical Care

Union Hospital recently faced 2 diverse challenges regarding critical environment of care (EOC) spaces:

First, the hospital needed to extend it’s current HVAC & control system to meet the doctor and patient demands, aggressive construction timelines, and temperature/humidity control requirements of a new state-of-the-art $17.7M Emergency Center.

Meanwhile, the hospital’s existing surgery suites were struggling to maintain the temperature, humidity and pressure control required by its surgeons and healthcare regulatory agencies. Age, use and incremental changes in operation over time made summer and winter “design days” a challenge for hospital staff.


  • Critical Comfort

    The projects were designed to improve Temperature, Humidity & Comfort in critical spaces like OR's and the new Emergency Center.

  • Predictable EOC

    Keeping temperature & humidity in range would allow Union Hospital to avert the risk of Operating Room procedure rescheduling & staff/patient dissatisfaction.

  • Compliance

    The projects would allow for centralized tracking & logging for regulatory documentation to ensure regulatory compliance.

  • Cost Savings

    The project approach would avoid a total system replacement, leveraging existing HVAC assets.

  • Improved Efficiency

    Improved control & sequencing, as well as lighting and equipment upgrades would increase hospital efficiency.

Project Solution:

Automation & Recommissioning

To complete the project, GARDINER provided an extensive upgrade to the hospital’s enterprise Building Automation System  to control, track and document critical areas as required. In addition, the entire air handling system was thoroughly evaluated, repaired and recommissioned.

Using this approach allowed the hospital to leverage as many existing assets as possible to reduce the project cost.  Each critical area was assigned a temperature and relative humidity range that the project would meet. In addition, surgery suite lighting upgrades were included to make those spaces more conducive to quality care.

Project Results

The brand new Lauren Emergency center opened on time and made an immediate impact on both patients and staff. “It’s been gorgeous,” said an emergency medicine physician. “It’s very spacious. It’s very efficient. it’s very comfortable for our patients. It’s very comfortable for our staff.”

Following the ER project, GARDINER successfully completed the upgrade to the operating suites with minimal disruption to the hospital operations, completing much of the work around suite scheduling. The system is now consistently providing 68-72 degree space temperatures (depending on needs) and a relative humidity between 30-40 or 40-50, regardless of outside temperatures.

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