Turning Building Intelligence into Business Results

Leverage GARDINER’s expertise in mechanical system design, controls, equipment maintenance and energy management to understand what’s happening in your building and more importantly, what to do about it. Want to learn more about what Building AI: Applied Intelligence is and how it can help your facility? Watch this brief video or set up a live demo…



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Space Comfort

We use a simple, easy to read Space Comfort Scorecard to prioritize and address areas with comfort issues. Comfort is graded based on a space’s ability to maintain a set point over time, areas of concern show up as red or yellow.


Energy Costs

Our Energy Engineers will monitor facility energy usage along with system operation to identify areas of improvement, making adjustments and recommendations as necessary while giving you a clear benchmark of your facility’s relative performance.


Operating Spend

Data-driven service can greatly reduce the money you spend on truck rolls, increase the time efficiency of maintenance and repair staff by pinpointing potential root causes, and prolong equipment life by identifying potential issues as early as possible.



Our Building AI services enable Gardiner’s team to detect potential issues early, often avoiding or greatly reducing system down-time. We will also ensure that your operating software is up to date and backed up to quickly restore in the event of a catastrophic system failure.

  • “You continually bring new ideas on how to save money on utilities and the latest technology. Your people have great ideas and I love that you bring that to the table.”

    -Director of Facilities, Municipality

  • “When GARDINER came to us with a solution, you were the only ones that said we didn’t have to replace all of our existing HVAC systems & controls.”

    -Treasurer, Local School District

  • “Your technicians take ownership of our building systems.”

    -Facilities Manager, Municipality

  • “I never worry when we call GARDINER to fix something. I know it will be fixed right.”

    -Facilities Manager, Municipality

  • “You come to us with solutions…and how to pay for it.”

    -Director of Facilities, Multi-Facility Building Owner

  • “Our technician is really accessible and customer service oriented.”

    -Maintenance Director, Global Manufacturer